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I Searching Sex How to deal with a friend who betrayed you

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How to deal with a friend who betrayed you

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How do I turn my anger into something positive instead but without being on the losing end? I was promised a great opportunity by a friend but found out that she secretly offered it to someone else later.

How To Deal When Someone Has Been a Bad Friend

Thank you Celes. My first question is: Sometimes what we perceive may not be the truth.

It may merely be our perception which would be based on a subjective belief. For example, a while back, a friend of mine thought that I betrayed him by backing out on something I had promised.

However, in my mind, I never made the promise. It was a difference in perception that led to the misunderstanding.

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After several talks and effort to rebuild the friendship, we finally buried the hatchet and mended the rift between us. It is possible that the opportunity was offered to someone else due to circumstances outside of her control and she has not informed you wit because she feels guilty about it.

I Seeking Sexual Dating How to deal with a friend who betrayed you

These are possibilities you can consider in giving her the dwal of the doubt. My questions to you are: How important is this friend to you?

Is this a friendship you treasure? Can you do without this person in your life, or is she someone who means a lot to you and whom you want to keep by your side?

Does she mean enough for you to look beyond fridnd betrayal? If this is an important friendship to you, then you should work this out with. Find a good time and place to air your unhappiness.

This will focus the discussion on the problem at hand rather horney penis turn it into a personal attack. Betrayev if you want to build a meaningful friendship with someone, anyone at all, you need to be transparent in your feelings, be it good or bad.

Besides, by not talking about the problem, you are not being fair to her at all. I only knew his unhappiness after getting him to open up, because I could fo that something was amiss.

What To Do When You Have Been Betrayed by a Friend | Personal Excellence

What kind of a friendship would this be, if not a superficial one? There are way too many people in this world to bog yourself down over an incompatible connection.

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Read my series on how to deal with anger, starting with: Growing Up in a Household of Anger. What I want for you is to live a life filled with happiness and no regrets. At the end of the day, betrayal is only a mental notion. Whatever opportunity it is that you have lost, find ways to get that same opportunity then, if not better.

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While that door may be closed, there are other doors open and waiting for you to find. The longer you stay hung up over that closed mingle free chat, the more you are going to miss out on those bigger and better opportunities out.

Good luck Zenwell, and I wish you all the best in your talk with your friend assuming you pick that path and in your life.

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